Indian Rock Road
Nashua, NH
Investigation Observations By Investigator 011


   I didn't expect much from the investigation of Indian Rock Road.  It's a dirt road at the end of a nice neighborhood in Nashua's north end.  I heard stories from the local college students of mysterious cold patches on the road and how sometimes when they were down there partying someone would be overcome with a feeling of panic.  Lots of kids said they feel like they are being watched when they are there.

    There is really little to see at this location, unless you are into local flora and fauna.  On our daytime investigation we encountered a nice man  who frequents the place walking his dogs.  He said that he had not experienced or seen anything unusual there during the day, and he doesn't walk there at night.

    For our nighttime investigation we were lucky to arrive on a Saturday that no one was down their partying.  We set up our equipment and waited.  After a while, we started to take photos.  I was standing next to Investigator 012 taking photos in the same direction from just about the same exact angle, same height, etc.  Our photos were only seconds apart. I took 4 photos with absolutely no orb activity in them, while investigator 012 got a cluster of orbs in his first photo.  I found it a bit frustrating as we were shooting just seconds apart, only inches apart and he got a cluster of orbs and I got nothing at all.

Photo by Investigator 012

Photo taken at same time by me.

    Everyone took more photos and I saw several long, bright red, lightning-like streaks in the LCD screen of my camera. After confirming there were no fireflies I again watched for red streaks on my LCD display.  Unfortunately, I was not fast enough to catch any.  By the time my finger reacted, they were long gone.

    Since the area is small, we decided to talk for a while about the place and its history.  It is said that the area is part of a place where the native peoples, the Nashuway, would take their sick, like a quarantine area.  A Medicine Person told us that they felt the spirits of those who heal around the place and they would not harm those who walked there with respect.  Maybe it was this knowledge, but I felt no fear or apprehension at Indian Rock Road.  Though I did experience a cold spot.

    The most amazing part of the experience was when one of our investigators stated that he felt as if his head was surrounded by a buzzing, energy.  He said this at the same exact time, overlapping words, with our medium who told us to photograph towards him because there was something around him.  So we did, and we got some amazing photos. Here are a few examples. The first two were taken with digital cameras, the third with a 35mm.

    The investigation was shorter than our usual, but we still got a lot of data.  We did not attempt to get EVP because we were talking too much.  We are planning to return sometime soon to try and get EVP and video of the red streaks which we suspect might be ectoplasm.

    If you plan to check it out yourself, you should plan to go soon as a developer has bought the surrounding land and is planning to put in new homes there in the near future.

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