Blood Cemetery - a.k.a Pine Hill Cemetery, NH Photographs

   The Blood Cemetery investigation of July 8, 2006.  Listed as one of the most haunted cemeteries in New Hampshire, the NEPRS conducted an investigation which returned digital anomalies.  Although Gauss readings were minimal, we were suprised by the odd artifacts that appeared on our photographs.  All members of the investigative team reported feeling, for lack of a better description, the 'heebie jeebies' consistently at the site.  They also reported the intensity of this discomforting feeling was much more intense than at other sites previously investigated.

Photo #1 in a series of 3.

    The following three photographs were taken  in succession with a Nikon digital camera.  In them, we can see a bright object as it moves across the field of vision.  Compare photographs 1, 2, and 3 and see how the object's shape and size changes as it moves.


Photo #2 in a series of 3.

   In photograph #2 the object appears to be brighter and has moved to the left of where it appears to have been in photograph #1.


Photo #3 in a series of 3.

   In this last of the set of three photographs, observe how the object is smaller in size and even further to the left of the tombstone.  Also, we can see several faint orbs which are are pointed out with arrows in the photo.


Photo #4

   In this photograph the medium instructed a senior investigator to snap a picture in her direction after sensing activity.  The resulting photograph yielded a bright object.  Observe a blowup of the object in the top left corner of the photograph.   Also visible are a trail of faint orbs, the first of which is visible above the medium's head, followed by others which trail off to the left-center of the photograph.


Photo #5

   In this photograph a small orb appeared in the left lower quadrant.  There are other orbs in the photo that are less visible, can you find them?


Photo # 6

   Two orbs appeared in this photograph, one of which was much clearer than the others.  The medium reported throughout the investigation that she sensed activity in the cemetery was not coming close, except for the  occasional presence which projected a sense of curiousity and wariness toward the medium.


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