Pine Hill Cemetery (aka Blood Cemetery)
Hollis NH. July 8, 2006
Investigation Observations By Investigator 011

    I was excited to be part of the investigation of the infamous Blood Cemetery.  It has a well known reputation for being one of the most haunted places in NH.  I had never visited it before, but I knew the local folklore.  Anyone interested in ghosts in this area of the country would have a hard time avoiding the stories. 
    The legend centered around the grave of Abel Blood whose family is buried at Pine Hill.  Despite his ghoulish name, historical records hold no evidence that would give any truth to the local folklore of his alleged evil life and practice of the dark arts.  The legend of Abel Blood, historically speaking at least, seems to stem only from a sir name many people of our time find unusual.

    The story goes that Able Blood was a man who practiced witchcraft and the black arts. Depending on which version of the legend you hear, he either killed his entire family one night in a bizarre ritual; or an enemy of his attacked one night and  killed his entire family in revenge for a heinous murder he inflicted on the other man's wife; or God poured down wrath on him for his evil ways by killing him and his whole family in a fire.  Either way, the end of the story is the same. Abel Blood's ghost is condemned to burning in hell by day and walking the earth by night.
    Legend has it, and there are many reports from people who swear by it, that the finger pointing to heaven on Mr Blood's headstone (above) mysteriously turns to point down after the sun goes down, just as in the computer simulation photo below.

    The NEPRS team members were saddened to find during the daytime walk through of Pine Hill that vandals had struck and the only thing left of the infamous stone was a small pointed stump.  (see below)

    A quick look at the dates on the Blood family headstones totally debunked the legend that the family was all killed in a single night.  The dates of death varied greatly.
    The truth of the legend aside, there are still many reports of unusual light phenomena sightings and  photographic images, so I was excited about the night investigation. 

    The night investigation was set  for a few days after the daytime preliminary walk through.  We arrived just as night was falling.  The feeling of the place was very, VERY creepy.  I don't know if it was the reputation of the place, but it was one of the few places that gave me goose bumps at the start.   It was clear other investigators had the heebee-geebees too.  Everyone commented on the creepy feeling of the place.   Yet no one reported experiencing any of the strange feelings commonly reported by visitors.  We didn't feel it was hard to breath or like we were walking into a bubble, or had a feeling of falling. 
   As the night ran on, it became an almost unusually calm feeling place.  Unlike most other investigations where the longer we sat in a place the more energy it seemed to emanate, investigators agreed that Pine Hill's atmosphere stayed about the same.  Some, like myself, felt it got calmer.
    It was clear there had been some recent teen partying activity as there were a few pieces of broke beer bottle glass which we cleaned up before we started.  Our Medium felt that the ghosts there were wary of living energy in the cemetery because of this recent partying activity which she said left them feeling insulted and disrespected..  So we all spoke aloud to any ghosts listening, saying we were not there to laugh at them, but we respected them and wanted to offer them the chance to share their stories and prove that there is life after life.   Things seemed to pick up a little bit after this. 
    The Medium also said that there was an energy eater in the vicinity (see about ghosts link) and it was  distracting the ghost by telling them that we were false light and not to talk to us.  She said there were a few who knew the truth and they were trying to reach us and suggested we start our EVP work even though the EMF meters were seldom going above 1 milligauss.
    It was at this time I started my job attempting to record EVP.  I set up the digital recorder on what is left of Abel Blood's gravestone and waited.  Here is the remarkable clip that was picked up on that EVP about 6 minutes in.  One can hear a man's voice saying, "help us."
Click here to hear EVP. Male voice says "help us"

    When the video was played back frame by frame, there were some amazing frames.  I was really creeped out when I saw these frames below.  Because in between them I said, "I feel like we're being watched."  It seems as if we were.  These have got to be some of the most impressive phenomena photos I've seen to date.  They truly look like a human eye looking into the camera, but they are transparent and you can see the headstones behind them.  Particularly in the photo on the right.

    At one point during the night I thought I saw a dark mist flying between some headstones to my right, but it happened so fast when I turned it was gone.  Other investigators reported seeing white balls of light zooming by and vanishing..  There were no photos with dark mist (or any other ecto)  in them from any team member, though there were some very interesting orbs such as this one I took.

    Overall, it is my opinion we got less good data at this investigation at Pine Hill Cemetery than we do at most haunting sites.  Alhough several members felt like they had something squeezing around their throats as we were wrapping up the investigation and packing up our equipment, no one was hurt and no one had any red marks. Nevertheless, the activity level at Pine Hill was far less on the night of July 8, 2006 than I was hoping for, and a lot less than the legends would have one believe.

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