Photographic evidence during Channeling


   In photo 1 a red/orange orb is approaching the Medium.  At the same time the
Medium said that a being named William is approaching to talk.

   The following 3 photos were taken by the same investagator, with the same camera (35mm Cannon Sureshot)  within about 3 minutes of each other.

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   In the next photo the medium is actually channeling the spirit who identified himself as William Lovejoy.

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   Notice the orb is now sitting on the Medium's shoulder.

   Also, the auto focus camera would not focus properly during this channeling and the light from the flash seems to be absorbed.  This has happened before during many channeling sessions in the course of a field investigation.

    The next photo was taken as the channeling session was about to end and the spirit was preparing to leave the Medium.

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   As you can see from the backround, the Medium was walking around the area during the session  so the light cannot be a  background light. 

   Here are 2 photos from a Nikon Coolpix 885 digital camera of the same event.

   This photo was taken just seconds after the 1st 35mm photo above, upon the approach of the spirit.

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   This photo was shot at the end of the channeling when the spirit has just left.  Notice the red light orb has now moved away.

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   Here is an interesting comparison of photos taken only seconds apart with the digital and the 35mm camera.

   The photos were lightened so you could make out the detail of the grave stones in the background.

   As you can see in this 35mm photo the bright red orb is clearly between the two leaning stones in the background.

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   Only seconds later (just long enough for the Medium to turn quickly to face the flash of the first camera) a second photo was taken with the digital camera.  In this photo you can clearly see the red orb has moved to the right and is now in front of the 2 stones.

   These photos were taken facing into a forested area where there were no lights or reflective services.

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Approaching spirits?

   Our Medium said that another spirit was approaching when these photos were being shot.

   Taken with a 35mm Cannon sureshot.

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   In this photo you can see a row of red lights (in front of the bush ) and a green and yellow object in the dark sky to the right with several small white blotches after it.

   In next photo was taken just a few seconds later.

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   As you can see, the row of red lights is now between the branches of the bush in the opening.  And the green and yellow object has changed shape and is moving quickly forward.


   At this cemetery, our Medium felt the spirit of a child named Benji.

   When we played back the EVP tapes, you can here a childs voice.  Could it be Benji?

    The first very short sound you hear is on of our investagators saying "come here"  The next voice is clearly a child's voice. We have not been able to verify what it is saying yet.