East Cemetery - Hollis, NH Photographs

   East Cemetery daytime preliminary investigation.  Daytime orbs recorded along with brilliant orb captured in two photographs taken in different directions and locations of the cemetery.  This page contains ten (10) photographs and may take some time to load.

Photo #1


Photo #2

   This is a comparison photo of photograph #1 taken immediately after #1 was snapped - the bright orb is gone.

Photo #3

   Unexpected and delightful.  Many orbs caputred in the daytime.


Photo #4

   This is photo #3 once again, but this time the brightness and contrast have been increased by 30 percent.

Photo #5

   This is a comparison of photo #3, taken immediately after #3 was snapped.  Notice the reduction in the number of orb anomalies.

Photo # 6

Photo # 7

   This photo was taken immediately after photo #6.  Notice the orb appears to have disappeared.

Photo # 8

Photo # 9

   Another brilliant orb.  No, it is not the moon.  Photo was taken facing northeast.  The moon was just beginning to rise in southeast and was observed and verified by investigation members at the time of the preliminary investigation.  Compare it between the two tree prominences in photo #8 (above).

Photo # 10

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