East Cemetery - Hollis, NH Photographs
Page 1  35mm shots

   East Cemetery night investigation. This page contains photographs that were all taken with a 35mm film camera.  Page 2 contains photos taken with digital cameras.

Photo #1
    Taken with a 35mm film camera. Two different types of orbs are present.


Photo #2
    There is an orb and what appears to be ectoplasm on the right side of the photo.  With just a little imagination it almost seems like the profile of a face.

Photo #3

   Another shot with ecto, this time in the form of a faint plasma light.


Photo #4

Here is an neat example of how the eyes can play tricks on you.  When you look at the photo below you might see what some of the NEPRS members thought they saw.  The arrow seems to be pointing at the figure of a woman in a long Victorian skirted dress.  But...

In fact it is just another headstone.

Photos #5 & #6

   This is another example of the bright white, flying orb, with a pinkish rim we have recorded in several photos taken at East Cemetery.  Since it has no legs, wings or irregular shape, it is likely not our flash reflecting off a bug.  Especially when you consider that the photo below this one was taken in full daylight without the use of a flash and shows the same light anomaly.

    Here is a daytime, no flash, photo of the light orb being that is present at East Cemetery.

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