East Cemetery - Hollis, NH Photographs
Page 2 Digital Shots

   East Cemetery night investigation.  This page contains photographs that were all taken with various high resolution digital cameras.  Page 1 contains photos taken with a 35mm film camera.

Photo #1
    In this photo we see many classic orbs. A bright white flying orb is present as well.  A similar orb was photographed in daylight without the use of a flash during our preliminary investigation and it shows up in several other photos taken with both digital and film cameras.


Photo #2

    In this photo you can see many orbs.  But there are probably more than you think.

Photo #3
   Photo #3 is the same as photo #2 (above) but with the contrast brought up so you can more easily see how many orbs are actually in the photograph.

Photo #5

   Here is a good example of a classical orb.

Photo #6

    This photo was taken only seconds after the one above.  The orb is now gone.

Photo #7

    This is a good example of the difference between a bug and an orb because both are present in the same frame.

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