East Cemetery
Hollis NH. July 11, 2006
Investigation Observations By Investigator 011

    There were no local stories of hauntings in Hollis, NH's East Cemetery.  At least none that I am aware of.  But since it was near to home, and the team was looking for a new "haunt" we decided to investigate. The graves ranged in age from the 1800's through the present, and the landscaping is very nicely done.  But there is something more.
    East Cemetery in Hollis, NH is just about the most pleasant of cemeteries you would ever want to spend an afternoon in.  When I first walked in during the daytime preliminary walk through on July 9th, I didn't feel anything unusual, but within only 10 minutes or so I started to feel very happy; cheerful really.  Which is a strange feeling to experience as one walks around the reminders of death. 
    Surprisingly, I was not the only one to feel this way.  Investigator 010 was with me and he too noticed that he was experiencing a strong feeling of what he described as joy.  We both felt this so strongly, we noted it in our logs.
    The older part of the Cemetery is closer to the road.  Though by looks it is not much different than other New Hampshire cemeteries of its time, I can't stress how different the feeling was.  The only way to explain how it felt was to think of how you have felt  if you have ever been ghost hunting in a place where there is evil energy and you feel surrounded by a sickening, oppressed, depressed feeling, and then imagine how it would feel to experience the exact and total opposite of that feeling. 
    I wondered if that feeling would be there when we returned with the NEPRS team and equipment in two nights.

    Our preliminary photography of the area produced some amazing day time phenomena, including daytime cluster orbs and a bright flying light. Click here to see the photos 

    The night investigation began just as it was getting dark.  Though nothing was said, everyone there reported this cemetery gave them a happy feeling.  It was an unusual investigation experience for most of us.

    The psychic work was outstanding, in my opinion. There seemed to be so much positive energy.  The one grim occasion was when a ghost manifested as a channeled entity and spoke about a woman whom he tried in vane to save from a deadly fire.  It was hard not to feel total amazement when the embodied ghost said he came back to this place to pray for her and proceeded to walk across the property in pitch darkness to a grave plot that was some distance away from where we were and stop in front of a stone bearing the exact name he mentioned.  The medium had no foreknowledge, and we had not entered that area of the cemetery with the medium beforehand. 

    Another interesting thing, at one point our medium said she was being contacted by a ghost who called herself Susanna.  Not a full minute before you hear the medium on our voice recorder say this, we picked up this amazing EVP that could not be heard with the naked ear:

    Then, amazingly, when an investigator asked, "What's your last name?"  if you listen carefully, you will hear a soft female voice replay "Dupont" near end of  the clip below.  Seconds after, the medium replied "her maiden name, she says, is Dupont,"

    In this next clip you can hear a church bell ringing in the distance.  The medium said she saw a small boy in a sailor suit sitting by a stone, but when the church bell rang.  When the EVP was played back at this point a woman's voice is heard saying "My baby."
Click here to play the EVP of a ghost voice saying "my baby"

    At another point in the night two investigators were standing about 20 feet from a flagpole that had no flag on it when they heard a clinking sound like a piece of metal hitting the flagpole.  On a whim, one asked if this was a form of contact and they played a "1 for yes & 2 for no" type of game with the flagpole.  The results were interesting but not consistent enough to be conclusive.

    Though the physical manifestations were not as obvious as those at some of our other investigation sites, we did get some very impressive orb activity.  The emotional shift the NEPRS team members felt was noticeable and our medium's statements lined up with EVP answers we heard when the tapes were played back.  All in all it was a very enjoyable experience.

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