Francestown, NH Cemetery Photographs

Cemetery Site #2

   Photographs #1 - #3 were taken with a Cannon 35 mm film camera.  Photograph #4 was taken with a Nikon digital camera.

Photo #1

   In photo #1 the NEPRS medium announces spirit energy is appoaching from her left and tells investigators where to photograph.  Notice the investigator on the right is pointing a camera in the direction the medium suggested.  Compare this with photo #2 (below) when the presence moves between the medium and the investigator.

  [ Photo #1.a ]
  The photograph to the left is from the actual print size from CD.  It crops the upper portion of the light distortion.  Some of the society members believe they see a face.

Photo #2

   Moments later the NEPRS medium states that the spirit presence is now between herself and a senior investigator and instructs team members to photograph between the two of them.  Notice how the investigator to the right has now moved his focus toward the medium, away from the previous direction seen in photo #1 (above).

Cemetery Site #1

Photo #3

Blue Orb

   The orb in photo #3 (above) was taken with a Canon 35mm film camera at the first Francestown cemetery site approximately 1 mile away from  cemetery site #2 (top of page). 

Zoom in on blue orb

  [ Photo #3a ]

  Photo #3a to left  is an enlargement of the orb from the photograph  above.  The unusual shape of the orb is likely due to the shape of the aperture of the camera.

Photo #4

   Photo #4 was taken at cemetery site #1 with a Nikon digital camera.  Notice how the orb(s) to the left of the tombstone are either bundled together or is possibly a single moving orb.