Francestown Cemetery

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Photo #1

    Photo #1 appears to contain what some NEPRS members have described as a lady holding the edge of a large dress with her left pinkie-finder extended.  When looking at photos of ectoplasm we often see the basic shapes of a face or other body parts in the mist.  We leave it to the viewer to choose their own opinion.

Photo #2

More ectoplasm that contains an apparent facial image on the right side of the photograph.

Photo #3a and #3b

    Photographs #3a and #3b were taken with a 35mm camera while the NEPRS team medium attempted to record an EVP with a presence she felt  in front of her.  Photographs like these are wonderful by themselves.  When they align with a psychic member's report of information being channeled from a presence, they become invaluable elaborative information as they are combined with the other data.

Photo #3b

Taken immediately after photo #3a

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