Francestown Cemetery

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Photo #1

Take a look at photo # 1, then scroll down to photo #2 taken a immediately after photo #1.

Photo #2

    Photo #2 has no noticeable phenomenon.  It is amazing how quickly thick, rich phenomenon can appear, then disappear.

Photo #3a and #3b

    Photo #3a (left) contains an inexplicable shadow.  Team members reported no obstructions  during the time of the photograph and nothing is reflecting back.  Photo was taken with a Canon PowerShot A620 digital camera.  A model that comes with a warning not to point into the eyes of children as its bright flash can cause damage the human eye.  Photo #3b is a highly saturated version of the photograph to help exemplify the margin of the shadow.


Photo #4

Photo # 4 was taken by a team member by pointing their camera straight up into the air above their head.

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