Francestown Cemetery

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Photo #1

    Photo #1 shows some ectoplasm (top) and what is commonly referred to as a 'supercharged orb' (middle left edge of photo) in the ghost hunting business.

Photo #2

Photo #2 was taken over a planted area bordering a raised family plot.

Photo #3

    Photo #3 was taken while the team medium was channeling one of many spirit beings she contacted throughout the course of the investigation.

Photo #4a and #4b

    Photo #4a presents some ectoplasm with a lone orb in the middle of the photograph.  Now scroll down and look at a brightness/contrast enhanced version of the same photo.

Photo #4b

    Photo #4b is a brightness/contrast enhanced version of photo #4a.  One can better see the breadth of the phenomenon as it manifested across the graveyard.

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