Gilson Road Cemetery, Nashua, NH

   Here are some 35mm anomolies from the Gilson Rd. cemetery investigation.

    Photo#1 :  A small orb is caught on a photograph which was taken at an upward angle from a head stone.

    A curious shot appeared (below- photo #2) in the middle of the roll.   Is it possible our shot was overwhelmed with an ectoplasmic burst?

    Photo #3 : You never know what's behind you.  Always take pictures behind you, or have someone take a photo of you from behind. We've found some interesting things by quickly turning around and taking a picture, almost as though the curious are following.

    Photo #4: The next three photos contain bright, luminous oddities.

    Photo #5 : Taken a moment later just to the left of photograph #4.

    Photo #6: Taken just after photo #5.  Investigator had stepped back approximately 8 feet from where photo #5 was taken.  Observe the apparent ectoplasm in the bottom left corner of the photograph.

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