Gilson Road Cemetery
Nashua, NH
Investigation Observations By Investigator 011

   We arrived at Gilson Road Cemetery for our daytime walk through on a Saturday afternoon.  I had not been there before, but that was not because I didn't try.  I had heard the cemetery's reputation of being the most haunted in the state and did make an effort to find it before. Yet, for some reason, I never drove far enough down the connecting roadway to find it.
   My first impression when we arrived was that it was far smaller than I expected.  And because of a large complex of big single family homes built right across the street, it seemed out of place.
   We entered by the gate and walked directly back to the south wall.  The folklore says that by doing so we should feel as if we are treading through water.  It also says if you park across the street and walk toward the cemetery you will feel like you are being pushed back and away. Unfortunately, I didn't feel anything unusual.  There is a slight grade to the land and it was covered with beautiful elkhorn moss which felt soft under my feet.  Perhaps, I wished, I would feel it when we came back for the night investigation in a few days.
    The legend also says you can hear voices on the far wall if  you stand by the stone wall and listen.  We only heard the sound of children playing in the housing complex across the street.  Maybe it would be different at night when we came back.
    There must be a lot of missing stones in the cemetery because there was a lot of empty space.  It's not uncommon for stones to be missing over time in these old plots, and it is not uncommon to have unmarked graves as well.
    Confirming the legend, there is a child's headstone in the cemetery with a strange hole in it.  Just like the folklore states, the hole is about 3 inches across and dead center in the name on  the stone.  I am not an expert in stone, though I have an engineering background, and in my limited experience I was at a loss to know what could have put the hole through the stone.  It was not a bullet hole.  A bullet would not have left such an even, perfect circle, if it could make it through the 2 inches of slate.  It could have been drilled, but it would have taken a special bit and lubricant to get through that much stone.  That would mean heavy equipment.  And with the stone so close to the road,  I can't imagine anyone doing that without being seen and heard.  Also, if you look inside the hole, you can see the layers of slate, in uneven rings, and smoothed down with age.  So, at least to me, the hole seem very old.
    Legend says that if you take a photo through the hole you will get pictures of ghostly figures.  We did not get any unusual phenomena when shooting through the hole in the day or night with either digital or film cameras.

NEPRS Photo of Gilson gravestone with hole

    The legend of Glison Road Cemetery says that on the site there once stood a big farmhouse belonging to the Gilson family.  One night it caught fire and burned to the ground so quickly only the youngest son got out.  He tried to run to the road in front of the house in order to get help, but died from his burns before he got there.  It is said that more than one passing motorist has reported seeing the ghostly form of a young boy desperately trying to flag them down to stop, begging for help, only to dissolve into a cloudy mist before the driver's eyes.
    The legend continues that after the house burned down, the locals were spooked by the ferocity of the flames and how quickly the house burned down that they believed the land to be cursed by the local Indians whom, it is alleged, were slaughtered on the site during a terrible battle with the settlers.  Because of this, it is said that the locals of the time believed the land was no longer fit for the living.  They decided to bury the Gilson family there and make the plot of land a graveyard.  I have not found any historical documentation to back this as yet, and the death dates on the graves of the Gilson family vary greatly.
    The place did give me the feeling of being watched, even in the daytime.  But I believe that could have been because some passers by were wary of us and watching to be sure we were not vandals.  Otherwise if felt quiet. 
    There are reports of compasses going crazy in this cemetery.  Ours did not.  It went slightly off north by the rock wall that encloses the place.  But this is to be expected due to the iron content natural to these rocks.
    We did get one unusual daytime bright orb on a photo.  It was taken without a flash.

NEPRS - Gilson daytime bright orb

    The night investigation took place on a clear beautiful evening.  We arrived at dusk, parking across the street and walking towards the cemetery in the way described in the folklore. I felt nothing unusual.  Some investigators present were not aware of the tale, and were asked after if they felt anything unusual, all replied no.  Walking from the front gate to the wall produced no feeling of treading through water in anyone either.  But two investigators commented that they felt a change in the feeling of the energy around us when we walked in.
    I expected I would feel a bit creeped out, knowing all the stories of this place.  It is reputed to have everything from angry Indian ghosts to evil dark hooded, red eyed creatures, and every type of apparition in between.  I know that most ghost stories get bigger and scarier with each generation that tells them, still I expected more of a reaction from my own inner "heebee geebee meter".
    We set up in two places at different sides of the cemetery.  The orb activity was excellent.  But it was hard for me to concentrate at times because once the local kids knew we were there a group kept driving around the place, staring at us, then peeling out down the road.  This happened several times at about 15 to 20 minute intervals and was very distracting to us all.
    Despite the distractions, our medium was able to make contact with some spirits and we got some really neat photos.
    Before long, our juvenile annoyances decided to come holding a blue police-type gum-ball which they flashed at the team working by the south side of the cemetery that could be seen through the gate.  Thinking it was an unmarked police car, Investigator 012 walked over to talk to them, and before he got too close, the kids peeled out again.  Probably thinking they were really cool.
    They did this again about 10 minutes later.  This was becoming a nuisance, not just to the NEPRS team, but to the residences around the cemetery.  Not wanting to be the focus of people's annoyance, we decided to wrap up and leave.
    In the end, we all agreed we did have fun working at Gilson road cemetery, but  wished we had a little more privacy and time.  In retrospect, this is probably too much to ask for considering the reputation of the place and the density and proximity of homes built right across the street.

    One last thought on the topic of Gilson road cemetery.  There are several stories that claim the new houses built across from the cemetery are extremely haunted, but the NEPRS team could find no first hand accounts.  If anyone has a first hand account of this, please let the NEPRS team know.  Migration of hauntings is a topic many of us are personally interested in and would love to explore.
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