The North Eastern Paranormal Research Society is dedicated to the investigation and research of paranormal phenomenon.

   The society is comprised of members with a wide range of  interests and experience who all share a common curiosity: what lies beyond physical existence?

   The NEPRS uses a dual method of investigation employing both proven mediums and current technology.
    Though it is our firm belief that some paranormal activity is real, we know that many times there are less mystical explanations for what appear to be haunted happenings, this is why we approach each haunting with an open mind to all the possibilities.

    The NEPRS does not charge for investigations.

   The pages available on this site provide you with some of the interesting, and at times baffling, data that have been recorded during some of the society's investigations.

  The data recording equipment employed during an investigation includes digital audio recorders, digital and 35mm cameras, EMF (Gauss) meters, and digital camcorders - all of various makes and models.

   The NEPRS believes any investigative work should be done from a positive perspective and, as much as possible, be an enjoyable and interesting experience for its members.

   The website  provides web quality imaging data and sound bite size audio/imaging streams from investigations due to bandwidth and other considerations.

Use of this site for illegal purposes of any kind is strictly prohibited.
Violations will be reported to State and Federal authorities.  All visits are logged.

It is understood and acknowledged by all parties that unlimited permission for the use of any data collected in the course of a NEPRS investigation is hereby given to NEPRS and its agents without restrictions.  All other use is prohibited without  written consent of NEPRS. Except where permission is granted, all other material copyright 2006 All rights reserved.

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