Indian Rock Road
Nashua, NH

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    Indian Rock Road is located near the southwest section of the Nashua airport.  A section of the road is reported to be haunted by an evil energy that makes people want to flee.  Travellers report that there are cold spots along the road.

    It is a beautiful little road that is lined with houses ranging from middle class to large upper middle class models.  At the end of the road the pavement ends and it declines down into a field where it meets another road at a 'T'.  The intersecting road is gated to the left and proceeds to a large open field that is overgrown to the right.

    What follows on this page are some of the photographs we took with a two different model digital cameras during our evening investigation.

Photo #1a

    Photo #1a shows a nice orb cluster.

NEPRS Indian Rock Roac

Photo #1b

    Photo #1b is a zoomed blowup of the top middle to left portion of photo #1a.  An outstanding shot of a gold orb.

Photo #2

    Photo #2 shows another orb grouping taken with a different model different camera.  It's interesting to note that thought photographs #1a and #2 were taken at approximately the same time, no orbs appeared in  the first four frames of the camera that took photo #1a.   Both cameras were pointing in the same direction during this portion of the investigation.

Photo #3

    Photo #3  shows how quiet the activity became at times.

Photo #4

    In photo #4 we captured a moving orb.

Photo #5

    Photo #5 captured som nice bright orbs.  The orb in the right insert contains an odd anomaly shaped like a 'happy face'.

Photo #6

    Photo #6 shows a group of orbs and a single green orb.

Photo #7a

    Photo #7a shows a smaller number of orbs.  However, they are nicely defined.  There were several periods during the investigatin that orb activty dropped for a period of time.  We had many frames that were devoid of orb activity.

Photo #7b

    Photo # 7b shows that at times there were was no recorded activity at all.


Photo #8

    Photo #8 shows how orb activity began to pick up again in the latter part of the investigation.

Photo #9

    Photo #10 shows the orbs now grouped along the gated area of the road.

Photo #10

Photo #11

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