The Lynenboro, NH Cemetery
An Ectoplasmic Display


   Here are some photographs of ectoplasm one of  NEPRS team captured on their Nikon digital camera.  They are shown in the sequence they were taken.

Photo #1

   Here we see a mist around the headstone in the center of photo #1.  Notice how the headstone to the right is much clearer.

Photo #2

   Taken a few seconds later, you can see the center headstone , along with the one to it's right, are clear and in focus.  Whereas the headstone to the left still has the unnatural glowing haze around it.

Photo #3

   Lastly, the ectoplasm disappears and the stone becomes clear again.

Photo #4

    A nice photograph of some ectoplasmic mist taken with a Canon digital camera during the investigation.


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