The Matthew Thornton Cemetery
Preliminary daytime walk through


   Here are some photographs from our preliminary investigation which was done in full daylight.  No flashes were used.

Photo #1
    This is the historical marker on the side of the road.    The cemetery is right across the intersection from The Common Man restaurant.  The building the restaurant is in is actually the old homestead of Matthew Thornton.  For a long time it was called Hannah Jack's Tavern, in honor of Matthew Thornton's wife, Hannah.

Photo #2
    The Cemetery is very green.  There is a lot of empty space between sections of stones.  This leads us to believe that many of the stones have decayed away over the years.  The traffic is overwhelming at the intersection since it is right off the highway.  But when you walk to the back of the cemetery which is down hill, the sound drops off a bit.

Photo #3 and #4

    Here are the stones of Hannah Thornton and her husband Matthew Thornton.  For those who don't know, Matthew Thornton was one of the men who signed the Declaration of Independence for the state of New Hampshire.  He lived to 89 years of age.  A doctor by trade, once retired he ran a ferry across the Merrimack River and authored books.  He had just finished a book on the metaphysical nature of sin when he died.  He noted he expected to call it one of the following,  " Paradise LostThe Origin of the Evil called Sin, examined; or How it ever did, or ever can come to pass, that a creature should or could do any thing unfit or improper for that creature to do."  The book was never published. It is said that there are still copies of it with his decedents.


Photo #5

    This amazing daytime light orb was the only anomaly that showed up on our film during th preliminary investigation.  It was taken without a flash.   

Photo #6
    Here is a photo of the same area taken only seconds later.

Photo #7
    This is a close up of the light anomaly.

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