Naticook Rd. Reeds Cemetery - Merrimack, NH Photographs

   The Naticook investigation of July 2, 2006 yielded results we were not expecting.  The  Gauss meter returned consistent reading  in excess of 5 milliGauss.  We've included the more active photographs containing digital artifacts  on this page.  Part II of the Naticook photo's page shows some of the work leading up to the point where the following  pictures were taken.

Photo #1

   The obelisk (above) stands approximately 10 to 12 feet in height.  Photo was taken at an upward angle.

Photo #2

   The photo (above) was taken immediately to the right of photo #1 at approximately the same time photo #2 was taken.

Photo #3

   NEPRS Medium seen sitting by obelisk as she attempts to observe and contact spirits at the location.

Photo #4

   We've observed numerous red and green light dots in many of  photographs.  The appear in both digital and 35mm film pictures.

Photo #5

   As  the NEPRS Medium begins work we observe more anomolies in our photographs.  Notice the cluster of orbs visible in front of the Medium's upper right torso.  This photo was taken when the Medium was actively channeling.

Photo # 6

   Photo of Medium channeling a ghost who identified herself as Alma Burns.  Notice the orb anomaly visible in the middle of the Medium's chest.  A tombstone with the name 'Alma B.' was later discovered in the cemetery.

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