Naticook Rd. Reeds Cemetery - Merrimack, NH Photographs

Photo #1

   NEPRS Senior investigater (above) seen observing the Gauss meter display active readings while orbs are captured using a Nikon digital camera.

Photo #2

   The photo above was taken with a 35mm camera, echoing similar anomalies that the digital Nikon captured..

Photo #3

   NEPRS senior investigator above  is seen standing against a backdrop of a dark forest.  Two orbs are visible on either side of him.  The investigators left shoulder area displays a bright cluster of 3 to 4 bright balls of light apparently tightly bound together.  Compare this area with photographs #2 and #1 which contain the same investigator.  Also noteworthy is the red light dot  apparently inside of the orb located to the right of the investigator along the left edge of the obolisk.

Photo #4

  Photo #4 was taken with a  Nikon digital camera as the NEPRS medium worked to contact paranormal activity at the sight.  Compare it with a photograph # 5 (below) that was taken with a Canon 35mm  camera.

Photo #5

   Photo # 5 was taken with a Canon 35 mm camera.  Compare it with photograph # 4 which was taken with a Nikon digital camera.

   The following two images ( photographs 6 and 7 ) contain both orb anomalies and a combination of red and green light dots.   We've noticed these types of  colored lights at many, but not all sites that have yielded photographic anomalies.   Curiously, photo #6 captured part of  an orb sliced just above it's middle located in the top right margin of the photograph.

Photo #6

Photo #7

   Photo above shows the NEPRS Medium observing the Gauss meter actively display readings as orb activity begins to develop.