When nothing happens....yet

    With all the amazing photos and EVP snips the NEPRS teams have gotten, it's easy to think that we must get them all the time.  But the truth is that many times we get nothing at all. For the few photos that you do see on our site, there are hundreds more taken at each site that are totally normal and show no unusual phenomena.   This is especially true with our daytime preliminary investigations.
    It may be hard to believe, but in fact, we collect so much in the way of photos, videos and hours and hours of voice recordings at each site that it can take weeks to check through it all.  It is not uncommon for team members to listen to 3 or 4 hours of investigation tapes and never get anything unusual.  But when you get that one voice, that perfect orb, or that bright ectoplasm, it all seems worth it.

    This page contains a brief summary of some places where we got absolutely no daytime evidence of ghost activity, not even EMF readings.   Perhaps we will have better hunting if we return after dark.

Turkey Hill Graveyard in Merrimack NH.
    The daytime walk through was uneventful.  Though some people felt as though they were being watched, particularly along the back wall, no unusual EMF, EVP or photography was recorded.  Nevertheless, the night time activity was notable, though far less than the average amount of phenomena we record at similar sites.  We did manage to capture an amazing EVP and several unusual orbs.

Blodgette Cemetery in Hudson, NH.
    The investigators who visited this cemetery remarked that it had a feeling around it, though data did not show anything unusual.  The site sits at a busy intersection and might be hard to investigate.  Nevertheless, it is on our list of possible investigation locations.


Hillside Cemetery in Nashua, NH.
    Because of its location, we knew that Hilllside Cemetery would never be a good site for an investigation, so we took our medium to the place during the daytime walk through.  She identified a ghost of a young man who died after a long period of suffering who she felt was haunting the place.  Everyone on the investigation team experienced an eerie, unwelcoming feeling when walking onto the site.  That and the early death dates would normally be a great mix for a possible investigation.  Yet Hillside's location on Route 101A in Nashua makes it impossible to do a proper investigation regardless of a good daytime walk through.

Sunnyside Cemetery in Hudson, NH.
    Sunnyside Cemetery is a pleasant place to walk.  Despite its name, it is actually a very shady place due to the abundance of old shade trees.  The stones run from the 1800's to current years.  We got no unusual readings, photos or EVP at Sunnyside.  The NEPRS has decided to pass for now on working at Sunnyside because the energy seemed to be so flat, and because the cemetery itself is bordered on 3 sides very closely by busy homes full of children who might be bothered by our presence, or might interfere with investigation results.

Mont Vernon Cemetery in Mont Vernon, NH.
    Like the town of Mont Vernon where it is located, the old cemetery on the top of the hill is a typical picturesque New England site.  Very well kept, with both older stones in the front and newer burials in the back, it is a pleasant place to walk on a sunny day.  But the ghostly energy of the place seems to be missing.  EMF readings only registered the power lines in the front of the site by the road. 
    In contrast to many of the older homes in historic Mont Vernon which seem to cry out "I'm haunted", the cemetery is still and very quiet.  Perhaps all the ghostly energy of this town is residing in the big, beautiful old homes that line its edges.

Small unnamed cemetery on Russel Station Road in or near Francestown, NH.
    This is a very old and intriguing cemetery on a hill out in the middle of what seems to be nowhere.  Unfortunately, it is not kept up and it was badly overgrown by the time we found it.  The NEPRS team got nothing during the daytime walk through to make us feel it was worth the risk of ticks and snakes to return at night.  Maybe we will check it out in the fall, after the plants have died off and thinned out.

Lowell Cemetery in Lowell, MA
    This is a cemetery of the rich mill owners and grand old families of Lowell, although burials still take place here regularly.
    Many of the monuments are pieces of art and amazing to behold.  Just the beauty of the stones here makes it worth the trip. The site is considered to hold some of the best examples of Victorian funeral art in the country. And on a sunny day, a walk through this cemetery is like a walk through an outdoor  museum.  The photo below is just one of the beautiful monuments.  It is a more than life-sized at 10 to 12 foot long marble lion with such amazing detail you can even see the separate hairs and textured of his fur.  This is only one of hundreds of amazing stones there.

    Though the NEPRS team did not experience anything unusual, and our equipment did not register anything odd, one of our team members took this photo about 6 years ago with a 35mm camera in the Lowell Cemetery.  Do you see what looks like fingers around the edges of the gate connected to an arm behind it?  Some people believe that is what they are seeing.

    The NEPRS team did not get anything like this when photographing this crypt.  We found nothing out of the ordinary in any of our data from that investagation.

Meethinghouse Cemetery in Dunstable, MA.
    This cemetery has all the makings of a good investigation site.  Yet, with all the photos, audio, and video, the NEPRS captured nothing.

Town Cemetery in Amherst, NH.
    This cemetery shows promise.   Though we got no daytime phenomena at Town Cemetery, and EMF readings were flat, every person on the NEPRS team the day of the preliminary daytime walk through felt it was worthy of returning to at night. 

    Just because you don't record activity at a site does not mean you failed.  Ghost phenomena is often hard to capture, particularly during daytime hours.  If you take the time to read inscriptions, learn about the history of the place and enjoy the company of your fellow investigators, then that is what is truly important.

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