Old Bedford Cemetery

Back River Road, Bedford, NH
June 8, 2007 Preliminary Investigation

Page 3

Interesting data:
Brilliant orbs and orbs behind objects.

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    Here is a briliant orb example.  Very typical of these is the colored hue around part of its corona, in this case the hue leans toward red.

    Here is another example of brilliant orb with a colorful red-hue corona.

A nice photo of an orb behind a headstone with a clearly defined  shadow on the orb.

    Here is a an example of an orb BEHIND a headstone.  The photograph, 2 below this one, is a good example of an orb IN FRONT of an object.

A zoomed, blowout of the photograph above.

Below in an example of an orb IN FRONT of an object for comparison.

Here we see an orb behind a headstone.  The brilliant orb blowout may be a bug or something else, we note it for consideration.

Here are 2 zoomed blowouts from the photo above in the areas indicated by the arrows.


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