Francestown Old Cemetery
Nashua NH.
Investigation Observations By Investigator 011

   The first time I walked into the old Francestown Cemetery it was already getting dark out and though it was late spring, it was still cold.  Not cold enough to see your breath in front of your face, but cold enough to wear a jacket.  Just driving up to the place I could feel my skin crawling.  I'm not an easily spooked person, but the look of the old cemetery on the hill sent a chill up my spine.
   The first thing that I noticed was that the edge of the site was banked very close to the road.  But the road was not a very busy one, so I was not concerned it would be an issue.  The old gate creaked in a Halloween type fashion.  Yeah, this place was spooky.
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     We did a walk through of the cemetery with the Medium.  She said there was so much activity we could pick any place we were comfortable and the ghosts would come to us.  This proved to be the case.   The first place we set up was in the back of the cemetery, away from the road, so as not to attract any undue attention from the living.  The activity was good, and several of us got very good photos.  Almost all the orbs we got during that investigation were of the classic type such as this one.

    Several photos with various types of ectoplasmic phenomena were captured and the medium experienced some amazing channeling sessions.  One in particular brought me to tears.  And when the NEPRS team watched the playback of the video, an orb was visible leaving the back of the medium's head when she regained control.

    At another point, the medium warned that a dark spirited ghost who was extremely angry was coming towards us.  She signaled for photos to be taken and investigator 013 took this amazing photo.


     Early on we got this amazing EVP.   The feed back is loud and disturbing, but if you listen to it, near the end you hear what sounds like someone saying "I'm sorry".   The voice does not belong to any of the NEPRS members.  But since feedback can mean an equipment problem,  I did some testing with the digital recorder trying to recreate the feedback.  I could not.  Even with the external mike touching the digital recorder, it would not generate feedback.

Voice in feedback

    Of all the graveyards I have been with the NEPRS team, this one has to be the creepiest.  It is far more creepy than the infamous Gilson Road Cemetery.

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