Reed Cemetery  July 2, 2006
Merrimack, NH
Investigation Observations By Investigator 011

     I was part of an investigation at Reed cemetery.  I was there for the first night investigation and for the follow up a about two weeks later.
    My first impression when I was told the nights research was to be at  Reed cemetery was that we were probably not going to get anything there.  I had driven by it hundreds of times and never thought about it much.  But I was assured by a fellow investigator that there was unusual phenomenon there, even though the locals don't talk about it.
    The cemetery is on Naticook road, right by the fire station.  The road is not very busy.  It used to be the back road between Nashua and Merrimack, but since the new highway was put in and a direct intersection between Naticook road and Rt 101A has been blocked off, it has become far last busy.  The cemetery itself is still in use.  There are comtemporary burials there.  Like most older cemeteries still in use, the older section is in front by the road and the newer section is in the back.  When we arrived, before we even entered the gates, I had a strange feeling.  Maybe this was going to turn out to be a good night after all.
    When we entered the cemetery the EMF meters sounded almost immediately.  It was so strong that many of us insisted it was from the telephone wires over head.  Yet when the meter was pointed towards the wires it dropped.  Also, our meters are calibrated to an approximate range of ten (10) feet, and the wires were well beyond that limit.
    Nevertheless, and despite the fact that our medium said there was activity in the front gate area, we moved on to a different area.  We moved south to a section of stones, some of which had fallen down over the years.  Our EMF meter was running at about .5 milligauss.  We started to call out to any ghosts present.  We called out greetings and let them know what we were there for.  In minutes, without moving an inch, our EMF meter jumped to over 8!  It was amazing.
    The medium began to channel.  A ghost who she channeled identified herself as Alma Burns.  It was a fascinating session.  Later we found a stone marked Alma B. nearby.  A check on shows an Alma Burns living in the town at the right time period.  Even more amazing to me was when the photos were examined, we found this amazing photo of the medium as she channeled Alma.  Notice the orb on the medium's chest.  Could this be a manifestation of the ghost of Alma Burns?

    Since the test with using the EMF meter to make contact worked so well at the D.W. Cemetery, and since the activity level was so amazingly high,  we decided to try it here at Reed.  We used it to speak to two different ghosts.  The results were amazing.
   Sparkling light phenomena and the hairs standing up on investigators' necks and arms made us all excited about what me might have captured with our cameras that night.  We were not disappointed.
    We encountered some ghosts who seemed lost and were looking to leave, and we did our best to assist them to find the light to the other side.  I believe we were successful.   

    Overall, the night was exhilariting.  There seemed to be so much there, and our EMF contact sessions were fascinating for us all.  We decided to revisit Reed in a few weeks.

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