Reed Cemetery  July 16, 2006
Merrimack, NH
Investigation Observations By Investigator 011

   We returned to Reed cemetery about two weeks after our first visit. and we were all excited to see if readings would be different.  Upon arrival, everyone seemed to have a feeling of anticipation.  I was sure it was going to be an exciting night.
   Though the EMF meter began to react in minutes, it took some time before the signals were as strong as the previous investigation, and before anyone of us sensed any solid activity.  This is not unexpected for ghost hunts, as it can take 30 minutes or more for the energy in a place to react to your arrival.  But it did seem unusual considering how quickly the energy seemed to "wake up" upon our last investigation.
    We went to the same area where we had success before.  Not long after we settled and set up all the recording equipment, the medium stated that she felt ghosts were approaching.  This was confirmed just seconds later when the EMF meter started to sound.  We began taking photos and the medium worked to make contact when we were disrupted.  All activity seemed to stop quickly.  Then, only seconds later, several firetrucks pulled into the station, presumedly returning from a call.
    It took a while for things to settle back down and for the energy to return.  But it eventually did. 
   We got some amazing photos of orb activity.  One of my favorite photos is this one.  Taken with a digital Nikon.  The ghost orb seems to be sitting along side of the medium.  For some unexplained reason, I get a warm feeling when I look at this photo.

    Two different investigators both reported seeing at the same time a dark vapor like apparition fly across the side of the cemetery.  It was not captured on film, but we did get some unusual shots of ectoplasmic activity with a digital camera.

    Close up of the red plasma-light or ectoplasmic stream that was captured by a digital camera that night.  Note that on the left side of the frame, the ectoplasm is traveling both behind and in front of the tree as it streams to the right , then up.

    We had forgotten to put our our NEPRS at work sign and someone must have believed we were vandals.  The police came by to check us out about an hour or so into the investigation.  The officer was very polite and even seemed a bit interested.  We spoke for a while and he felt we were okay, so he didn't ask us to leave.  When he was gone, it took some time to settle back down and get back to work.  Once again, it seemed that the energy had ran away, but this time it was quicker to come back and we continuted gathering data.
    When we broke down our gear and headed home, I just knew I had some interesting photos, and bet everyone else did as well.  I was correct.  It was an excellent night.

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