Reed Cemetery, Naticook Rd. July 16, 2006
Merrimack, NH Photographs (page 2)


   The follow up Naticook investigation on July 16, 2006 yielded more interesting results.  The EMF meter started out slower than the week before, but was soon reading consistently in excess of 5 milliGauss.  We even got several photos of ectoplasmic activity.  All photos, including the ectoplasm shots were taken with digital cameras.  No 35mm film was used.

    This series (of 5 shots) was taken one after another and seem to tell an interesting story.

Photo #1

    In photo #1 you can see an NEPRS medium sitting by the same obelisk where we captured so much activity the week before.   There is an orb in the sky behind her.

Photo #2

    Photo #2 was taken just seconds later.  The orb appears to have come to rest, sitting at the side of the medium.

Photo #3

    Photo #3 was taken seconds later.  The orb is now gone.

Photo #4

    The investigator taking the photos stepped back a bit and took another photo only a few seconds later.  It appears the orb is still in the vacinity.  For a point of reference, the Medium is still sitting, just out of frame on the left hand side, with her back towards the obelisk.

Photo #5

    This photo is actually 3 frames removed from the one above, but shot with the same camera within less than a minute of the four photos above it.  As you can see from the small headtones in the foreground in both photo #5 and photo #4, the investigator taking the photo was now standing along side of the obelisk and shooting away from it.  Could this be the same orb in all these photos?

Photo #6

    This photo was take by a different investigator with a different make and model of camera  in the same area, shortly after.


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