Naticook Rd. Reeds Cemetery  July 16, 2006
Merrimack, NH Photographs (page 3)


   The follow up Naticook investigation July 16, 2006 yielded more interesting results. This  night, no 35mm film was shot.  All the photos below were taken with digital cameras.

  Photo #1
    In photo #1 you can see mist type ectoplasm.

Photo #2

    Photo #2 was taken only seconds later.  The ecto is gone.

Photo #3
    Photo #3 has caught a plasma light-type ectoplasmic stream.

Photo 3a

    Photo #3a is a closer zoomed in look of the ectoplasm in photo #3.  Notice how the red stream appears to flow around the trunk of the tree on the left hand side.  It then continues at an upward angle to the right, flows behind some leaves, then reappears and flows in front of the tree, moving in a straight line upward to the right side of the frame.

Photo #4
    Photos #4 shows not only cluster orb activity, but what could be an ectoplasmic stream on the right hand edge of the frame.  

Photo #5

Photo #6
    More orb activity.

Photo #7
    More orb activity.

Photo #8

Photo #9

    Very bright orb with "sand dollar or star" center pattern.

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