South Yard Cemetery, Wilton, New Hampshire, U.S.A.

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Ectoplasm, Ghost mists, phantasms, and orbs

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Photo #1

Photo #2

       See the orb mixed with the ecto.

Photo #3

       More orbs with ectoplasm.

Photo #4

       Photo #4 shows a clear orb, ectoplasm, and many more faint orbs that appear as though they are the ectoplasm.  Some NEPRS members have postulated the theory that orbs are energy that is coming together in order to manifest a phenomenon in our reality.

Photo #5

       A photo from a Nikon digital containing orbs and ectoplasm (right).

Photo #6

Photo #7

       A zoom of photo #6.  A classic orb.

Photo #8

       This last photograph shows a combination of many orbs along with a whispy vapor of ectoplasm manifesting together.

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