South Yard Cemetery
Wilton, NH
Investigation Observations By Investigator 011

    I was excited about this investigation. NEPRS members had all been busy for the past month and we didn't get together to investigate anything.  When I heard the investigation was going to be in South End Cemetery in Wilton I was a bit concerned.  I had walked through the cemetary in the daytime investigation and had a strange feeling from the place.  It seemed to me to be even more unsettling than Vail End which is across town in Wilton and has a very infamous reputation with the locals.

    We arrived around 8 pm.  It was already full darkness.  As soon as we drove into the cemetery I had a strong feeling of being watched, like someone was about to jump out of the darkness and into the car.   I wanted to reach over and lock the car doors but I fought back the urge.  I didn' t want to look nervous.  After all, I have been on hundreds of investigations over the years.  Nevertheless, South Yard was feeling extra creepy that night.

    The cemetery is up on a hill, away from the road and any house lights.  It has only one road in, and you have to turn around or back up to get out.  We were all in one van, so we drove to the end and turned the van around until we were facing out.  When Investigator 12 mentioned he felt better with the van pointed in the right direction, I didn't feel as silly wanting to lock the doors.  Everyone was feeling it.  It was clear this was going to be an interesting if not exciting night.  This proved to be the case.

    We got out set up and I started our digital tape recorder.  It had good batteries in it, and was locked on "record".  Other's took up their equipment and we began our investigation.  I started snapping random photos of the surrounding area just for a baseline before our psychic and others started to call out and make our presence known.  When I shot my 5th frame I found myself choking back a scream.  As I pointed the camera at a group of stones I could see ahead of me, and the flash went off, I saw as clear as day in the flashes light what appeared to be a flesh and bone man.  He was walking down the hill and seemed to pause as he turned his head quickly to face me. It was as if the flash took him by surprise.  He was of normal height, slight build, with what appeared to be sandy blonde hair, possibly a short beard. It was hard to tell in that short moment.  But what was most striking to me was he was wearing an all white suit or Tuxedo with what appeared to be velvet-like lapels.  I was trying to force the words out of my mouth to warn the crew we were not alone but in the split second of the flash, he was gone.  There was no sign of him.  In the darkness of the night, I could see the stones where he was standing, but he had vanished.  I tried to convince myself this was a trick of the flash, but it wasn't.  I am SURE without a doubt I saw a man there. 
    Nothing unusual showed up in the photo, as you can see below.  I have put an arrow where he was standing.  There is no man in a bright white tux with velvet lapels there.  But I saw him with my naked eyes.


    Seconds later our medium sensed the presence of a male ghost who identified himself as Adam.  Adam seemed to want to be channeled, but our medium was very much against this.  Several times it seemed that Adam was pushing the medium to channel, but she refused.  She said she felt very uneasy about the place, and that Adam seemed like a very strong and opinionated spirit.  She felt if he entered her, he would not want to go, and he would be hard to remove by force.

    We invited Adam and the other spirits around to manifest in other ways.  I asked the man in white to show himself again.  At this point we started getting the most amazing ectoplasm shots I have ever taken.  It seemed that Adam was strong indeed and was bent of making his presence known.

     Everyone was so excited with the results of our digital photography. Our Medium was so excited she even put a camera on "play back" and showed the little screen to the sky, asking the spirits to take a look at themselves.  It seemed to do the trick, the activity picked up!    I put the recorder down to get some EVPs about this time.  I didn't check it, as it was already turned on and locked on record.

   There were so many good ectoplasm shots that I cannot even begin to talk about them all.  There were so many that the NEPRS webmaster had trouble deciding which ones to post on the NEPRS webite.  My own camera got almost 30 shots with ectoplasm in about 300 frames.  The air was filled with excitement and everyone seemed to be so happy. 

    Then as suddenly as  it started, it ended.  I personally experienced a quick feeling that told me "the party is over" at the same time that everyone there, almost in the same breath, said they felt the spirits had backed away.  We took more photos, but got nothing at all.

    We decided to wrap up for the night and go home.  The place was starting to feel really heavy and oppressive.  Our Medium felt that it was probably a clue that we were overstaying our welcome.  We packed up and drove away.

    When I was putting the recorder away, I noticed that the batteries were totally dead.  According to what we recorded, they died suddenly and completely at only 9 seconds after I turned it on.  I know it's one of the cardinal rules of ghost hunting to have lots of good batteries and to check your equipment that runs on batteries often.  I felt like I let the whole team down.

    But there is still hope that we could get some EVP because the video recorder was running for about 30 minutes of our stay.  There may be something on that.

    Later, when we started to look over the photos we all took, it was amazing and shocking to see the ectoplasmic photos.  Some really looked like human bodies.  Some looked like skulls and bones.  I know the mind can make pictures from vague shapes it sees, but it's hard to believe that the photo below is just a random blob of shapes and tones.  To me it truly looks like a profile of a human being on the left side of the photo.  I even see a red coloring on the lips and even an ear.  I'm not sure what the object on the right hand side is that this person seems to be looking at, but that doesn't matter.

    In the end South Yard Cemetery proved to be an educational place as well.  For a long time some of us at NEPRS have theorized that some orbs are the result of energy massing together in the process of manifestation.  There were several photos taken this night that seemed to confirm this.  And there were also photos taken where orbs were behind other things, including ectoplasm.  They are listed in the investigation page, so you can check them out there.

    I don't know when we are going back to South Yard, but I am sure it will be sooner rather than later.

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