South Yard Cemetery

June 13, 2007

Investigation and Training Session

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   This was our first visit to Southyard Cemetery after the winter.  It vwas a combination live investigation and training session with NEPRS members.  Weather conditions were dry and cool.  Temperature was approximately 45 - 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

A photo of some ectoplasm from the investigation
Photo taken with a Canon digital camera

Ectoplasm at Southyard

Photo taken with a Canon 35mm camera

35mm ectoplasm

   We were pleased to get a gambit of phenomenon containing ectoplasm, brilliant orbs, and multiple orb types in groups.  Here is one of the bright orbs with a coronal hue (below).

The next two photos show a group of many types of orbs and then a blowup of the first photo.

Now look at a blowup of each orb.  Notice orb #1 is disected.

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