Investigation Tips and Hints for Mediums and Psychics
Some of the tips and hints NEPRS Mediums have found helpful


  • If possible, it's good to know all the people on the investigation team assembled for the night beforehand.   In the NEPRS this is usually the case, but sometimes people will invite a friend along or a new member may join that the medium doesn't know.  If this happens, make time to talk to the new person about their views of psychics in general and spiritual mediums in particular.  If you are a channel, you may want to talk to new members unfamiliar with channeling about what it is and what they can expect during an investigation if you do channel.  If you have some video clips, it might be wise to share the clips with the newcomer.
  • It is also good to talk to anyone who is new to the process of channeling and mediums about how you expect them to behave.  As you probably know, some skeptics can be rather annoying if they are not warned ahead of time to keep it to themselves.  Most people, even those who refuse to be open minded will behave if they know they are expected to.
  • Be sure to make quiet time to prepare yourself.  In this busy life it is hard to find that type of time, but if you rush from your day job out to a haunting site without taking the time to center and ground yourself, you will not be able to perform as well as you should.  And you will be very tired after.
  • Do whatever you do to raise your personal energy.  Some people listen to music, paint, dance, meditate, yoga, just about anything. Do what you do!
  • Be sure to eat something light with carbs in it before you go. Especially if you intend to try to channel.  Channeling ghost energy can run your blood sugar down pretty fast.  Having carbs in your body will help you avoid this so you won't have that "washed out" feeling.
  • If you intend to channel, arrange to have someone come along who knows how you work so they can look out for you.
  • When you arrive at a site be sure to ground yourself with protection.  Build a protection field of light around yourself and then only after you have covered yourself, invite the other team members to join you in a grounding circle of protective light.  Most people use white light.  Blue works well with hauntings, too.
  • As a rule, the NEPRS will not take more than one Medium at a time onto a site, though more than one medium may be used during the total investigation.

  • Even if you are getting very strong impressions from one area of a site, be sure to take the time to walk around the whole area before you tell people where to set up.   Until you walk around, you never know for sure if that is a true hot spot or if you are being distracted, and distraction have been known to happen.
  • Keep in mind that you have more knowledge of what is going on than those around you.  If they seem frightened and you do not feel there is anything to be afraid of, take the time to comfort them.  Try not to give in to their unfounded fears.  Because you are the sensitive, if you become nervous or afraid of nothing it will project to them and make the whole event more tense and nerve racking.
  • Also, keep in mind they might not be able to sense the things around that could be harmful to them, and depend on you to help them.  Being the psychic, you are more likely to be attacked by a hostile energy being or angry spirit, but you also have the natural ability to defend yourself.  The others with you do not.  It is your duty to watch out for them, and to tell the team to move on if things look like they could get out of hand.
  • If you channel, be sure to bring a trusted "controller" with you who can help you come out of things if you loose track and who should know when you have had enough.
  • Don't be afraid to tell the team where to photograph and record, or what information from the other side you are getting.   If you are working with a good team, they will not be testing you, but rather they will be interested in what you have to say and respect your branch of the work. 
  • If you feel that any individual investigators are giving you a hard time because they don't believe in your psychic contacts try to ignore them.  When your contacts prove to be correct in time, they will come to trust your abilities.
  • Don't be afraid if you are having an off day.  Not everyone is 100% on their game all the time.  If you don't feel something, say so. 

    Don't be a slave to the EMF (Gauss) meter.  This is one point I cannot emphasize strongly enough.
      So many Mediums I have seen learn to relate the sensations they get when a spirit approaches them with the sounding alarm of an EMF meter because the two events happen together so often at haunting sites.  In time, the Mediums learn to believe in the meter before their own senses and will ignore a spirit presence or refuse to announce it until (or unless) the EMF meter goes off.  This is pointless.  Most psychics are far more sensitive than the EMF meter and are bound to feel things when the meter is reading flat.  Also, most meters won't sound until they pass 2.5  milligauss, which is far beyond what many spirits will generate. 

      On the same token, don't believe that just because the EMF meter is sounding that you MUST feel something or you are not a good Medium.  This does happen from time to time.  It could be because you are having an off day, or maybe the spirit is avoiding you on purpose, or maybe the meter is reading something totally different.  A microwave oven may have been turned on downstairs, you may be standing on top of an underground cable.  Who knows?  But don't fool yourself into believing that you have to feel something every time the darn meter needle goes up.

  • When you are having a "on fire" night, don't loose your head and believe you are "ALL THAT"... as my daughter would say....and stop listening to the suggestions of others.  This can happen when you are having a hot night and you are picking up things left and right; announcing spirits before the meter goes off, and talking to blank space which when photographed reveals orbs and ectoplasmic proof of your conversation.    I have seen more than one psychic go "all that" and then get frustrated with a "non-psychic" investigator who insists they see something the Medium doesn't, or feels something the Medium can't.  

  • The truth is, there are times when spirits will reach out to other team members and avoid the psychic all together.  The female Medium members of the NEPRS agree that this most often happens when the ghost is that of a man from before 1900.  Perhaps because of the time they lived in they don't think women are up to the job.

  • Last but not least, no matter how amazing the paranormal events are, if you feel something evil, demonic, or dangerous, get everyone off the site quickly.  You are not there to play demonologist. It would be unfair and dangerous for those around you if you pretend that something demonic in nature is just a ghost because the paranormal events are overwhelming and seemingly entertaining.


  • First things first.  Be sure nothing followed you or your team away from the site then use a spinning energy field to cut and remove any "threads" that may be residual energies from the site which have attached themselves around the team..
  • Clear yourself out (perhaps with the help of your controller) to be sure you are clear of any residual energies personally.
  • If you are feeling "washed out" your blood sugar is probably a bit low.  Have something sweet or carb-filled to eat.
  • Be sure to record your feelings, visions, and impressions for the research team to go over at a later time.
  • The job of the medium after the onsite investigation is complete is exactly like that of any other researcher.  NEPRS mediums help in reviewing the videos, audios, photos, and other media.
  • If it was a haunted house investigation it is often helpful to have the medium who worked the site present when you talk to the homeowners. (See caution about this on page Hints and tips).