Turkey Hill Graveyard
Merrimack NH. July  2006
Investigation Observations By Investigator 011


   Turkey Hill Graveyard is located at the corner of Turkey Hill Road and Meetinghouse Road in Merrimack, NH.  It is reported to be the oldest cemetery in Merrimack, yet there are earlier burial dates on stones in the Thornton Ferry cemetery.  It could be because there are older, unmarked graves present at Turkey Hill Graveyard.

    I thought it was interesting that the sign labels it a graveyard and not a cemetery.  I haven't seen that before.  It gave the place a sort of spooky feeling just thinking about it.

    The site is spread out with large areas where you can tell stones once stood, but now only debris  remains.  There are also areas were it is likely graves were never marked.  The back wall, away from Meetinghouse road held a strange feeling, even in the daytime.  Most of the stones are the standard slate type common to the era.  There are a few more elaborate ones, and a few plots that are chained off with old, rusting iron links.

   Upon our walk through, I had my concerns because the place is on a hill overlooking a very busy intersection of two very busy roads and we would be in clear sight of passers-by.  This can lead to unwanted attention by the curious of all types.  And of course, the traffic noise would make catching EVP tricky.

    When we showed up for the evening investigation it appeared very quiet in the cemetery.  After our walk though, we set up in the back, along the wall where we all felt some strange energy.  Our medium felt the presence of a young boy of 16 who had died suddenly of a very unexpected accident.  She said he was with the ghost of a man in his late 20's who was not particularly liked by the people of the town at the time of this death.  She said he was insulted by the epitaph they had carved on his gravestone.  He and the boy were aware of each other and were keeping each other company.  The older man seemed to be in control of the younger in what the medium sensed was almost a sexually provotiive way.  We did not delve into this any deeper.  If the older man was sexually connected to the young man there would likely be no historical record of this.  I wondered who the child could be.  The medium came up with the name Willie.  There is a grave of a 16 year old name William whose headstone says, if you get close enough to read the weathered writing, was killed by lightening.  I wonder if this was the same boy.

      Orb activity started to pick up, but by and large, the number of overall orbs that showed up on our film was far less here than at other investigations.  The feeling we all seemed to share was that the activity was watching us, waiting to see what we were going to do.  It was as if the ghostly presences were staying at a distance.  One investigator remarked that he felt surrounded by onlookers.  Nevertheless, we got some amazing photos.  This is one that I thought was interesting.  Investigator 012 took it.  I don't think I have ever seen an orb this color before.  I have seen blue, green and yellow ones, but never pink.

    I got this very well defined orb by the same stone with a different camera.  The two photos were taken at least 30 minutes apart.  We did captured a very small ball of light with the 35mm at about the same time in this location, but it was too faint to tell if it was an orb or something else.

    The EVP work produced an interesting clip.  Unfortnately, it happened during the EVP setup script.  The male voice you hear is investigator 012 giving the script.  The female voice you hear is a ghost voice.  Not only does it not sound like anyone else who was there that night, but no one, except the person setting up the EVP will talk during recordings.

    If you listen carefully, you can clearly hear the woman ask investigator 012, "Are you a man of God?"

    It was an unusual night.  We all agreed that the ghost energy was much more subdued.  None of us experienced much in the way of chills or creepy feelings.  Our medium did experince a sick stomach for a short period of time, but it didn't seem connected with activity at the site.
    Though the photos we did get were impressive, they were few and far between.  Close to 1000 photos were shot with various cameras that night, as well as several hours of combined video and audio, for the few photos on the investigation page (click the investigation link on the left menu and scroll down to Turkey Hill to see the full set of photos)
The busy street traffic proved to be disruptive to my personal concentration.  But I still had a very good time.  It was an interesting experience.

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