The Story at Vale End Cemetery
By Investigator 011


   If you have read anything about New Hampshire hauntings you probably know about the infamous Vale End Cemetery and the mysterious Blue Lady that is said to haunt the place.  It is also reputed to be filled with demons and evil, angry spirits who have made their malevolent intentions known to people who dared to visit the place.
    The NEPRS team was concerned about the possibility that there could be demonic activity at Vale and and decided to do a daytime walk through with one of our psychics first to see if they sensed anything.  Though I have to admit I was apprehensive, I took part in the daytime investigation.  It was fascinating to say the least.  Like many cemeteries in New Hampshire, it was very old, but there were current burials there as well.  In some cases, newer burials had slate headstones made to look like the older ones surrounding them.
     The place is dripping with folklore and people have gotten some amazing photos there, and people warn there is something evil lurking in Vale End that might even be capable of killing.

    First, I would like to share with you a little history of the legend of the Blue Lady.  The Blue Lady is said to be one of the two Mary Spauldings who are buried in this cemetery in the same plot.  They share the same headstone. According to historical records, both women were the wives of Mr Isaac Spaulding.  Mary Ritter was his first wife, and Mary Colburn his second.  Mary Ritter died young and her maiden name was used on the headstone.  This is not unusual for that time, as she died so young her husband probably assumed he would remarry and didn't want two 'Mrs. Spauldings' on the headstone.  Today the stone is broken at the top and shows signs of small chips being removed recently, probably by teens looking for a thrilling souvenir from a ghost hunt.

    As for the legend, depending on who you talk to, either Mary is the infamous Blue Lady.  But the majority believe it is Mary Ritter who haunts Vale End.
    The reason for her haunting is unclear, but some people believe it is because she lost an infant named James (and perhaps died giving birth to him) and is looking for him. Others believe it is because she was murdered by her husband so he could remarry.  
    Historical records show she and Isaac had seven children in about 10 years of marriage before her death in 1808.  Their names are recorded as Isaac, Moses, Charles, Harvey, Mary, Aaron, and Lyman.  Aaron is the only child that is recorded dying in infancy.  There is no record that she was pregnant or had just given birth before her death.   Since the death or still birth of an infant would have been recorded by Christian law, it is unlikely that there is a missing child.  That is, unless the child was not born but died in the womb, taking the mother's life in the process.  But in that case, one would assume the sex of the child would be unknown and the child would not have been named.  Nevertheless, stranger omissions have been known to occur in town records of the date.
    Mary Ritter's husband Isaac went on to wed Mary Colburn, a more than respectable 21 months later.  If Mary Ritter's death was deliberate with the motive of freeing her husband to remarry, he waited far longer than what would be expected, even by the day's standards.
    Of those who believe the ghost is Mary Colburn, they suspect that she haunts the grave because she resented the memory her husband held of his first wife, feeling it came between them and is upset over being buried with the woman for eternity.
      There is also a story that a man haunts the front of the gate looking for the grave of his daughter that he will never find because the grave was moved.  Later, after our investigation we also learned that many a sensitive person believe there is a ghost of a small boy haunting the front area of the cemetery.

    The cemetery itself is set on a small country road.  It is a pretty place that is well maintained. There is evidence that someone was walking around the place, and took sympathy on a certan child's headstone by the front of the cemetery.  They even collected items from other graves and decorated the stone.  Notice the Odd Fellows Lodge symbol and blue ribbons.  It's amazing that even though this child has been dead for more than 150 years, her passing touched someone's heart enough for them to make such efforts.  Unfortnately, it probably isn't very kind to the memory of the persons the mementoes were taken from.

    Because of the obviously unusual draw this child's stone had on someone, we asked our psychic to focus on the child and see if her spirit haunted the area.  The psychic said she did not sense it at that time and felt that the baby has passed on to the otherside without issue.  She suggested that the person who decorated this grave could be a reincarnated person who was once connected to the child, perhaps even the child's mother.  But without knowing who did this, we will never know for sure.  If we could ever know for sure, that is. 

    We spent several hours at Vale End.  And Although our EMF readings were minumal to nil, not one of us felt anything evil as in the way of demonic forces, yet all seemed to feel that there was great anger and  sadness to the place.  Before long, a strange split started to happen in our group.  The investigators who had Native American heriatage did not become uncomfortable, yet those who did not became very edgy as time went on.
     Our psychic experienced a long channeling session that was full of information I have been researching with some interesting comparasons to facts I found in historical documents of the town that the psychic was not aware of at the time.  Some of these insights help to explain the unusual energies at Vale End.  If you would like to read about these, you can follow this link.

    Of the more than 800 photos that were taken that day, only 1 had any unusual phenomena in it.  It was taken near the end of the investigation.  Here is it.  I have never seen anything like this before.  Notice the rainbow coloring in the tree and the flat orange orb.

    Here is a close up of the tree.  The color goes right down to the top of the grave stones.  Interestingly, it is just over the headstone of one of the men who was named during the channeling session.

    By the time we packed up and left Vale End, I was glad to see us go.  When we got to the vans to leave, we noticed that a large branch had fallen down across the road as if to block our path.  There was no wind, it was not there when we last walked through that area, and no one heard it fall.  As we started towards it our medium said there was the spirit of a boy of about 8 or 10 named Richard who insisted on talking to us.  She said he was crying that he was lost and wanted to find his parents.  We performed some rescue work hoping to lead him to the light.  I believe we succeeded because as it was ending, the medium said that Richard was singing out with joy, "I'm a butterfly! I'm a butterfly!" and at that point, as if a signal from Creation that we succeeded, a butterfly fluttered silently by.
    When we left Vale End, we all pondered the information we gained and wondered what data we would have.  It was not until I started to check the historical facts that I realized how accurate and impacting the information our medium gave us was.  With this new information in hand, I wonder if Vale End will ever be as peaceful as it looks.

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