Francestown Cemetery
Orbs caught on Video Camera


   During our investigation at the Francestown Cemetery we were fortunate to capture several orbs on our digital video recorder.  Photos #1 and #2 are frames grabbed from the video that display the orbs.  The camera was set to night vision mode.  To watch the movie associated with photo #1 click here.  During the video from photo #1 you will see and hear investigators working in the darkness.  A flash goes off and what is shown  in photo #1 appears in the frame.  Photo #2 is taken from a part of the investigation where the team medium is talking to spirit entities.  Due to the number of entities trying to contact her she is explaining the rules of conduct as they all try to speak through her at once.  A flash goes off and you can see the orbs around her. You can view the video associated with photo #2 by clicking here.

   There were dozens of flash pictures taken around the video camcorder through the evening investigation.  Only two frames from the video contained phenomenon like the ones below.

Photo #1

   This is a video frame from our Francestown cemetery investigation.  One can see orb shapes from the center of the frame to the right.   Also, notice the strange shape on the left side of the frame that displays a hint of color even in the nightvision of the camera.

Video frame of orbs

Photo #2

Medium talking to spirit entities

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